At L’Occitane Café we understand the important role that staff catering plays in maintaining employee satisfaction. We offer a wide range of staff including waiters, barista, and supervisors. From start to finish, our staff will be there to assist you and serve your guests leaving you free to relax and enjoy your evening entirely stress-free.

*Prices to be defined based on the event needs and location

    Your event requires detailed planning and creativity. Our team will gladly help you with every step from dressing the tables, decorate your avenue to suit your event, location, and atmosphere.

    *Prices may vary based on the event theme and location.

    Whether it's a small party or a big wedding, our team can cater to all your needs. We have extensive experience bringing our unforgettable culinary experience with flawless outcome.


    Feel like trying something new? Try one of our live interactive stations with our talented chefs. Let your guests select their preferred ingredients and have their dish cooked live.